How to place TOTO bet

How to place TOTO bet

To place a bet it is necessary to select one or several outcomes for each of 15 matches represented in the bet slipt

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The minimum and maximum stakes for different currencies are listed in Currency Table. The minimum and maximum stake may vary depending on currency exchange rate.

If you intend to make several bets you can select them in one ticket and7 mark 2 or 3 outcomes at the same time in one or several matches of 15 events; thereby the total number of bets and the minimal stake regarding this bet slip is correspondingly doubled, trebled and so on. Total stake within a bet slip is distributed evenly to the best in this ticket.

If one ticket contains several bets, then winning bets are calculated rateably the stake which is the share of each bet.

Bets are accepted until the first match of totalizator starts. Any bets placed after the first match in toto has started, will be cancelled.

Batch bet

This function allows you to place several random bets on TOTO. To do this you should specify the amount per one bet slip and press button “To place batch bet”. It will be made as many bets as you have indicated, automatically. You can check bets in the section “Bets history” – TOTO.

When bets are not accepted any more all the information on the bets that have been made and all statistics are taken to “Results” and available for reviewing.

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